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To submit an application to our school, please complete the following form and select Submit Application.

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Application fee (Non-Refundable): Please note that you need to upload proof of payment as an attachment along with other required documents before submitting this application online (BD25/- Undergraduate, BD30/- Postgraduate) Methods of Payment
Personal Information
Address Information
    Please enter your Primary address first.
Contact Information (Please enter 2 contacts information)
  1. Phone Type Country Phone Number Primary
Demographic Information
Government Information
  1. Calendar
Academic Information
  1. Program Order

  1. If yes, then please complete the Accommodation Agreement Form (Available at RUW Residence Building).

Emergency Contacts (Please add 2 emergency contacts)

Employment Details (If you are presently employed, Please attach your resume/CV)
  1. Employer Name Position Start Date End Date
Education And Academic Background
Transfer Students Only
  1. Please enclose official transcripts verified by the Bahraini Government, and the course catalog with this application.
    Note: Transfer courses are provisionally approved by the College but are subject to final approval from the Higher Education Council in Bahrain



English Proficiency

  1. If English is not your first language, you will need to enclose proof of proficiency with this application form and complete the following subsection. Please note: If you do not have any official evidence of your English proficiency, you will need to undertake the RUW Placement Test (a fee is assessable for this test).

  2. English test(s) taken:
Mathematics Proficiency
  1. (Applicable to Programmes in CBFS and Architectural Design in CAD):

  2. * You will have to take a compulsory LAR Course in mathematics in your first semester of College

Siblings at RUW

Responsability For Payment
  1. Please state the person(s)/institution(s), which will be discharging all the financial obligations toward RUW (fees, charges, costs, etc.). Please note: If you are a sponsored student, your sponsor has an automatic right of access to all your academic records.

Medical Information (Strictly confidential)*
  1. Please provide details of any medical conditions from which you suffer. RUW nurse may be contacted for further information.

Photograph Consent

  1. Please note: While every attempt will be made to comply with the decision of the student, it is not possible to guarantee this. Students are advised to exercicse discretion during RUW events, so as to avoid being accidentally photographed.

University Policy
  1. Select "I accept" to confirm that you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions set forth in our Application Policy

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